Details are personal from relaxed back yard and open fields.Colors are bright and festive,yellow teal and terra cotta.

invitations RSVP will read “you in” in stead of accept.

Gauze and long sleeve dresses. the 70’s Woodstock theme
Food and drink as always take center stage.
south Florida wedding makeup artist


The best compliment a client can give is a referral. Please take the time to write how happy you were with our bridal makeup services.

Written Sheila Rogers
Glamour by Sheila


The greatest compliment I can get from a client is a referral.

Written by Sheila Rogers licensed South Florida cosmetologist
Glamour by Sheila


Spain, Paris and England able to view weddings at all the churches we visited. Their weddings are just like ours outside and lovely to watch.The churches are just so beautiful that you are overwhelmed. Woman are the same all over the world.

Written by Sheila Rogers
Glamour by Sheila

Asian weddings

I had the pleasure of performing at a number of Asian weddings and just loved every second of it. There a two challenges when doing makeup,language and eyes. Some of the gusts did not speak English and it was hard to give direction. Asian eyes are a challenge and takes much practice to perform a good job. Looking forward to many more.
Written by Sheila Rogers