Be considerate of family but don’t feel chained to only what they want.
Be true to your own style
Create a budjet, fine tune and stay with it
EDIT EDIT EDIT. Start with a big picture and bring it into focus from there
Manage the guest list. Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone. This will help your budget too. written by professional makeup artist south artist

Start with your style

As a newly married couple, your wedding will likely be the first official party you host together as a couple. Here is your chance to show off those killer hospitality skills
professional makeup artist of south florida


Make a list of your priorities when planning your wedding. Add the most important first and go from there.I think it is important to identify your authentic style and work your budget from there. You must embrace your personal budget in order for things to run smoothly. Look at your extravagant splurges and also try to find discounts whenever possible.Your professional makeup artists advise for the day.


Happy to announce an award for two years in a row. Last year we won BEST WEDDING OF THE YEAR FROM THE KNOT. This year 2014 we won COUPLE CHOICE AWARD FROM WEDDING WIRE. All our hard work has paid off with greatly appreciated wards from our brides. 2014 will be an even better year because we love what we do and it shows.
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Proud to announce that GLAMOUR BY SHEILA has won another award for 2014 from wedding wire, BEST COUPLE OF THE YEAR. We worked very hard and WEDDING WIRE has acknowledged that. I want to thank all my brides for their wonderful reviews. I also want to thank my crew that helped to make this happen. Preparing for a busy 2014 and having fun with it.

Couple’s Choice Award

I was so pleased and honored to win Wedding Wire’s 2014 Couple’s Choice Award! You can find out all about the award here and you can see all of my Wedding Wire reviews here.

Couple's Choice Awards


Taking a nod from popular shows that depict life in the 60’s with dapper dress wear and structured silhouettes.Today bridesmaid dress designers are going less flowery and more structured with their bridal party dress options. Just loving the hip hugging lines of the classic dress design.


Merry Christmas and a happy New year to all my friends and family. A special shout out to all my followers on Linkedin, Wedding Wire and Twitter.


When the temperatures cool you may want to cover up with a sweater. What about your wedding? A simple embellishment of shear lace for your decolletage and shoulders to shield you from the chill will be a lovely added touch.

Written by Sheila Rogers


As summer comes to an end,colors start to fade. Luckily, indigo is here to remind us that although fall is filled with several neutral colors, we have a deep midnight blue with a splash of violet at our fingertips. Fashion and decor does not always have a plan, so instead of picking up that neutral pump think twice. Pair these colors with light blue green, pink, and purple. As a professional bridal makeup artist in south Florida, these colors work well on eye lids for a fashion photo shoot.
Written by Sheila
Glamour by Sheila