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Congratulations! Glamour by Sheila can help with advice as a professional make artist. You are about to take an exciting journey. The number one being your life as a married couple and next the overwhelming process  of planning a wedding.  Take a deep breath and take one step at a time as this is a very exciting time and you should enjoy it.

Written by Sheila Rogers

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As a wedding makeup artist, I have observed many traditions and I find that the  some American Brides are following Chinese traditions.Traditionally the Chinese bride will wear three wedding dresses.. The bride of today may follow, One for the ceremony, one during the banquet  and one for going away.

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Glamour by Sheila

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Many couple choose not to invite children to the wedding but you will need a way to smooth things over with the parents.

My advise as a professional makeup artist. You could offer to hire a babysitter and set up a private area with games , pillows and blankets for the children to crash during the wedding. Not an expensive way to keep the pease.

Written by Sheila Rogers

Wedding makeup artist


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Some wedding guest take it upon themselves to suggest  few more people to invite. As a professional makeup artist I find that these things come up many times. Make it clear that only the guests that are on the invitation are invited. You may want to also say whether children are welcome.