This is just the first of many subjects that a bride needs to consider, choosing the right wedding day professional makeup artist. Makeup is a big part of having a perfect wedding. Looking beautiful for your groom to the treasured memories of pictures.


As a professional makeup artist, I like to produce useful information for my brides.

I have come across a very interesting wedding vendor, one which I’ve never seen before and would like to share with you. The company is called Wedding Story Writer and they are based in NC but travel throughout the U.S. and to other countries for destination weddings.

Wedding Story Writer offers new, really awesome concept to the wedding industry. They will come to you and write your wedding story as it actually happens.The story is edited and what you receive is a exquisite storybook starring you and your spouse.They work with your wedding vendors gathering information. Your finished story is bound into a book. It is a fabulous operation.

When asked what inspires her most McMurray responded The love of genealogy and the preservation of family memories.I would have loved nothing more than to read about my parents and grand parents wedding.

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The word soolip originates from the chineese language, the meaning is engage in showing of esteemed experts for the modern stylish bride and groom, Unexpected events and surprices turning into the most glorious and memorable moments

The process of getting married should be fun and the meaning of getting married should not get lost in the process.

There is an event in California called Soolip wedding that is an annual celebration that pursues a distinctive collection of luxurious vendors for weddings.

To have a Soolip bridal makeup artist wedding contact Sheila Rogers at Glamour by Sheila

Healthy Skin

New trends for 2012 are healthy skin with and a warm glow. Using nudes and earth tones with dramatic eyes… lashes, lashes and lashes.

Your wedding day is all about making memories and hiring a professional makeup artist will help you to relax and enjoy being pampered.

Having your Bridal makeup done at your venue is allowing you relax and enjoy.


Working with a professional makeup artist that is licensed in the State of Florida is a good move. The Professional makeup artist that continues to educate themselves will have all the new trends, updated methods and new products. This should make the bride more confident in her choice.

Makeup artistry has been with us for centuries and now we have so much more to pick from. The wedding makeup artist can achieve anything the bride asks for. Have a consultation, a trial and bring ideas of what you are trying to achieve

Airbrushing your foundation makeup can cover any imperfections and make your skin look awesome.
Air brush Makeup artist  are trained in this area have an edge. Photographers love the look and makes their job
a bit easier.

As a licensed professional makeup artist, I also taught and what I found was important to be able to communicate with my students and clients professionally. Make sure you are on the same page as the bride by looking at different makeup and hairstyles. Listen to what the bride is saying and repeat it back to her on a visual level.


Let’s talk about new trends again as there is more than skin looking elegant, soft and romantic. As a south Florida makeup artist, i am interested in all aspects of weddings. Brides are looking at out of the ordinary venues, more intimate weddings, gowns with puffy sleeves and the wonderful Vintage look is back. Good Makeup and hair pull the entire look together.